Is ecobee3 really the smarter thermostat?

No question.

Does your home have more than one room?

Other than igloos, most homes have multiple rooms. Yet ordinary thermostats, including so-called smart thermostats, only read the temperature in one area, which can leave you with frigid bedrooms and a kitchen that feels like an oven. ecobee3's small and unobtrusive wireless room sensors can monitor the temperature and motion throughout your entire home, delivering comfort in the rooms that matter most.

Is your schedule as unpredict- able as a fortune cookie?

Is your lifestyle really so routine that it can be learned? Or does your calendar include spontaneity, adventure and time for impromptu fun? ecobee3's unique room sensors can sense when you're gone and which rooms are occupied when you're not, saving you energy and money when you're away and delivering the right temperature in the right rooms when you are home.

Do you have better things to
do than babysit a thermostat?

Do you really want to spend a week (every 90 days) 'teaching' your smart thermostat how to deliver comfort? We didn't think so. Recognizing that you have a life, and that it's a busy one, ecobee3 allows you to simply 'Set It and Forget It'. It only takes seconds to choose your settings and preferences and you won't have to change them ever again – unless, of course, you want to.

The smarter wi-fi thermostat with room sensor

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